For Farmers

The Benefit and Role of the Farm:

Once the connection is established with a school that is within 100 km, the Farm ‘adopts’ the School, in a way that is meaningful, beneficial, and possible. 

Our organization will help support the connections, maintain positive communications, and aid in shelterbelt design planning, considering the needs and wishes of the farmer.

In a trade for space and time the farmer receives hundreds of potential helpers and apprentices with which to share  knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

The Ultimate Goal of the Farm in this project is to increase the presence of beneficial insects, pollinators, wildlife, and rain, while offsetting carbon outputs, through the creation, maintenance, and protection of shelterbelt systems on the farm.

If the adopted farm is a ranch with native prairie, the goal will be to assess and promote the health of the prairie and to collect seed for other habitat programs.

If funding is available, a farm-to-school nutrition program can be created through this relationship. It all depends on the type of farm and ability of farmer and students.